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Throughout our careers, we’ve met with great gaps in information. None more so than in payment security. Each and every one of us interacts with payment technology every day. Yet most of us, haven’t a clue how they work. We have grand hopes for this to be a source of knowledge on payment security. For anyone just a little bit interested in learning more about payments. In addition to this website you can find us on twitter Leigh-Anne Galloway (@L_AGalloway) and Tim Yunusov (@a66ot). We’ll be updating this website regularly, and Leigh-Anne has plans for a book.
Visa Vulnerability

Last week Forbes published a feature on the vulnerability we discovered in Visa cards. If you haven’t read it, head over to Forbes. Tom Brewster put together an amazing video describing how the vulnerability can be exploited. We found a way to circumvent the limits imposed on contactless …
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